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Patentability criteria for biotechnological inventions

Biotechnology is red, white and green

Biotechnology can be subdivded into three main areas: The largest area is called “red biotechnology“ and is applied in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. The second area of “white biotechnology“ relates to the use of microorganisms in chemical production systems. The third area of “green biotechnology“ is about agriculture.

Biotechnological innovations have become indispensible for reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) of the United Nations and the European Green Deal objectives. Thereby, new medical treatments, clean energy sources and sustainable agriculture are just three examples how biotechnology contributes to theses goals.

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The European Patent Office releases its latest biotechnological Insight Report on mRNA technologies

The European Patent Office (EPO) has released several Insight Reports since 2019 to inform about the latest important patent trends. Two of the ten Insight Reports released up to now relate to the biotechnology sector, which describe future and emerging technologies that are considered as groundbreaking in the medical sector. The present article focuses on the latest biotechnological Insight Report on mRNA-based vaccines, which is a particularly growing field of mRNA technologies.