History of the Firm …

Our firm was founded in 1974 and, after continuous expansion, merged with the renowned Munich patent firm Weinhold & Partners in 1997. Meanwhile we have been operating under the name of Winter, Brandl, Fürniss, Hübner, Röss, Kaiser, Polte – Partnerschaft mbB. Having our offices in Munich and Freising we are in immediate vicinity to the European Patent Office and to the German Patent and Trademark Office.

After more than four decades of successful work we, being one of Germany’s major patent and law firms, attend to clients of any size and from all economic sectors across the globe. Persistent development and solidification of our departments guarantee your contact partners to be experts even in novel technical areas. We are entrusted with teaching assignments at universities and regularly hold seminars and lectures on intellectual property law. We thereby enjoy solid reputation not only in business circles.

…and Philosophy

No matter how different the various sectors and competitive situations, they all have one thing in common: they are sustained by good ideas. And they need a good attorney. For example, when competition threatens success of your product. Or, for finding support for your interests and strategic aims also in those very markets that are unfamiliar to you.

We therefore make it a rule to think, advise and act not only in purely legal terms, but also with an eye to products and markets: from selecting and designing the appropriate protective right for your idea to the filing of a custom-tailored application - always with the aim of obtaining optimum protection for your intellectual property at reasonable costs, and asserting your rights in a case of conflict. We offer you service options beyond legal counseling, such as translations, searches, and monitoring of protective rights. A network of colleagues all over the world puts us in a position where we can effectively and promptly represent your interests beyond national borders.

A central aspect of our work in each case is close co-operation and an intensive, confidential dialog with you. Moreover, we have regularly been organizing training courses, workshops and information events for keeping you up-to-date and being in close exchange with you.

If you would like to know how we can help you in a specific single case by giving optimum protection to ideas: Call us and ask for our personal and individual advice.